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Fashion clothes are all rage in India, here customers are forever greedy to get their hands on the latest stuff. Being in fashion is all about standing out. It is the value of attraction that you sell your customers. It’s pretty obvious why people would prefer boutiques which seem to stand out the most.

The 5 features every boutique must have-

  1. Appeal
  2. Uniqueness
  3. Location
  4. Location

You might be wondering “is it a printing mistake?” or “is it just lazy-writing?”. Well, I cannot emphasize enough the importance of having a perfect location for your store-

  • Easily accessible
  • Easy-to-find
  • Good neighborhood
  • Adequate parking
  • Reasonable-to-rent

Now it all sounds good and well but let’s face it, how in the 7 h*lls can you find such a dream location.

Let’s say you manage to find one, consider the amount of money you would have to invest to put appeal and uniqueness to your store.

Let’s say you somehow manage to overcome it all and have yourself a perfect store. What guarantee you have that it would get customers to buy from you.

“5 problems=> 1 solution”; If you can’t find a place, CREATE ONE.

How? Let me introduce to you the marvel of modern technology- E-COMMERCE.

You ask, “E-Commerce; SERIOUSLY?” Let me show you what’s unseen.


Online Shopping Platform

Remember how much I stressed on the location of your store. What better location than on the internet where you can –

  • Be found easily,
  • Be accessible to every internet user, and
  • Never worry about paying a single dime for the place.

With a good website with built-in E-Commerce features, your customers can sure be happy about you being just a few clicks away rather than take a drive all the way down to your store, find a parking spot, look for a snack before shopping, etc. too many distractions, right?


Store Open 24/7, 365 days

Even a humble boutique owner has a personal life which may lead to a “Closed” sign on the front. Imagine the frustration of your patrons who have taken time out of their own lives and came all the way to you with a hope to shop, (Too corny?)

Well, you can’t deny that there is a good chance to upset the shoppers who expected to buy from you the day you are closed.

An E-commerce site brings automation to the table where customers place their orders anytime anyplace without jeopardizing customer service.


Easy to promote

Want your boutique to be the talk of the town? When your customers make an online purchase from you, they can do all sorts of things online like-

  • share the product details from your site to their friends,
  • comment on their experiences,
  • you can share experiences of happy customers on social media and a lot more


Less staff

There is no need for staff on an online store as customers can freely browse through your merchandise and get any related information ready at a click.

  • It can be difficult to maintain staff.
  • The staff must always look after customers; it can be very tedious.
  • It is very rare to find good staff these days.
  • With a good online setup, the staff at the boutique can be kept to a bare minimum.


More convenient for customers

It’s very obvious, right?

What would you choose?-

  1. Go to Store
    1. Drive while searching for the shop,
    2. Find a suitable place to park,
    3. Then move around at different sections in the boutique,
    4. Stand in a queue to make payment.
  1. Go Online
    1. Make a coffee,
    2. Sit on your couch,
    3. Leisurely browse through the inventory,
    4. Choose an item to purchase after reading description and price,
    5. Pay via your debit card.


 Having an online boutique is a must these days. Why?-

  •  An online boutique provides an Online Shopping Platform which is accessible to all internet audiences.
  • Business is open 24/7 all year round with customers going online for shopping.
  • Easy to promote on almost all online platforms like social media.
  • You would have to maintain very less staff at the boutique.
  • You would maximize the convenience of your customers without lacking in customer service.

You don’t want to be left behind, do you? Everybody is doing it. Go online!! Know how to create your own online shop @Stalwart Research.

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