Rishabh Instruments is one of the largest Electronics Panels and Meters manufacturer in the world. They held an objective to expand their business practices beyond India. They needed to tap in and maximize their unexplored selling potential. Enter Stalwart Research. We pitched the idea of digitizing the sales through eCommerce.

The result:

Their business expansion strategies involved remotely helping small businesses and retailers in improving sales of Rishab’s electronic panels. We setup an eCommerce framework which made online buying and selling of these panels possible. This enables retailers and businesses to deal with customers without barriers of demographics and such.

rishab panels ecommerce

The eCommerce framework has also improved the B2B purchasing significantly and reduced time for the process by almost half. All of these upgrades in the process have made market visibility wider and clearer for Rishab Instruments.

Technology Used:

MEAN Stack Development with emphasis on Full Stack Development with the help of the following.

mongoDB app development
express.js app
Angular js app
Node.js app development