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Small businesses have never had more opportunities for growth potential like today. The customer base continues to increase and the taste of customers is changing.

India provides the cheapest internet services in the world to its people. There are over 462 million Internet users in India, with over 34% Internet penetration. These numbers are growing as more and more rural population is gaining access to cheap and good internet. Meaning, most of the internet users speak common tongue and not English.

The changes occurring under Digital India initiatives and demonetization have greatly influenced the transaction habits of masses. More and more people are using mobile phones for making payments.

Small businesses now have access to business tools using business AI, mobile applications, E-Commerce platforms, and Research & Development. We know because we work with MSMEs who need them, you can visit to know more.

So without any other delay, let’s just look at the latest tech trends every small business must follow-

I. Promoting on Social Media

I’m not talking about an occasional post or story update on Facebook or Instagram.

Today’s SMM(Social Media Marketing) trends include running promotional campaigns in a similar way to GoogleAds.

It is an unbelievably powerful yet simple and economical way to do promotions and generate leads.

With a little investment, you can do a lot-

  • Target specific customer base,
  • Promote and advertise online,
  • Generate leads,
  • Get website traffic,
  • Build a healthy customer relationship.

If you’re not confident to do it yourself, you can always outsource to us. We also do Digital marketing which includes social media marketing, as well as digital lead generation.

II. Customer-oriented Mobile Apps and Website

No matter the time period or trends, one thing has not changed for businesses- “Customer is king”.

Your customers are more attentive to their phones than anything else. You have a perfect place to interact with your customers in the form of a phone. How?

  • Upgrade your company website to be mobile-friendly.
  • Use AI features like chat-bots, computed suggestions in the app, etc. to enhance the customer experience.
  • Get a mobile app for your business which can act as an e-commerce platform for your customers.

Remember, the app or website should be easy to use and browse by your customers. Therefore, its design and features should complement your customers’ tastes.

 III. Online Collaborations

Part of successfully running a business is building contacts with entities that refer you to customers.

Collaborating online is a little bit different than regular collaborations. Your customers tend to search everything online which includes a product they want. There are two ways they usually do that

  1. Referrals on various platforms like GoDaddy, JustDial, etc.
  2. Google about the availability of product/service in their area, e.g.- “Customs shop near me” or “automobile part manufacturers in Nashik”

It is easy for them to search what they want on the internet.

You have to become the trader they first spot in their search, meaning you have to collaborate with various relative businesses, bloggers and be active online.

IV. 3D Printing

Being an SME, you have to deal with customized products. And they require a hefty amount of research, testing, and development which takes a lot of time and money.

3D printers build you a model of the product on which you can perform test and trials on the design, without wasting extra time, money or resources.

Advantages of 3D Printer-

  • Unlimited customization,
  • A better understanding of design,
  • Ease of use,
  • Fast prototyping,
  • Reduced Wastage.

3D printed models serve as prototypes for demonstration and presentation purposes. You can always outsource if you don’t own a 3D printer of your own, we can provide you assistance in the matter.

V. Improved Invoicing Solutions

With the introduction of GST, a lot of cost issues were resolved, but it troubled the business owners with generating invoices.

The SMEs may have gotten used to the new system but a modern GST invoicing software provides a one-stop solution for indexing and invoicing.

Any invoicing software is now affordable and provides fast and accurate results. You can also get online subscriptions for invoicing platforms on many business sites.

These invoicing applications are must for any business big or small.


What is your take on the topic? Did you agree with everything on the list? Please let us know by leaving a comment below. We are also happy to answer your questions.

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