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The 21st century is rightly called a digital age where most daily activities of people require the use of a Smartphone or computer or any other such modern piece of technology. I bet you are thinking, “Well, I’m not that hopeless without my Smartphone. I could live a day or two without it.” This is exactly my point! A day or two is THE LIMIT for most (which I personally consider pretty impressive).

Still, it’s undeniable that Smartphone has become an integral part of everyone’s lives. Thus, it is logical to use a Smartphone to connect a business with customers.

One of the most effective and proper ways to reach your customers through mobiles is by designing and interacting with your customers by mobile apps. What can a mobile app do for your business?


Build Brand Awareness and Recognition

  • Your app is seen by your customer every time he/she looks at the mobile.
  • You will always be in your customer’s attention by that.
  • You could put hoardings all over the place but I doubt they can ever create an impact stronger than a person looking at a simple logo of your business every time they look at their phone.


Improve Your Brand Image

  • Mobile apps are used only by the big corporations and MNCs; it is considered as an unnecessary expense by smaller businesses, and this is precisely why having a mobile app would make you a winner.
  • A mobile app would make your business stand apart as very few in the competition would ever invest in it.
  • As one of the few with an app of their own in the market, your business will present itself as a forward-thinking and modern organization.
  • This is necessary if you want to establish yourself as a brand.


 Helps in Geo-targeting and Information Collection

  • Targeting customers according to their location is the smartest way to expand and improve your business regionally. A mobile app with an integrated geo-tracking system is perfect and cost-efficient in geo-targeting.
  • You can also collect valuable information about customer’s preferences, buying habits, etc. spontaneously.
  • This information can be used to improve your services and products according to the customers’ likings.
  • It will help in research and development and you won’t have to spend a rupee on carrying surveys and such.


Improve Customer Experience and CRM  (Customer Relationship Management)

  • “Customer is king”. The true customer satisfaction is not just by making a sale of a good quality product but HOW you make the sale and provide customer support.
  • With a mobile app of your own, you can do all kinds of sales while using your company website as a reference. It’s a fast, safe and simple way of carrying out a sale and business transaction.
  • You can save your customers time and pain of coming all the way to you and provide them convenience as they relax and place their order through app anytime.
  • Also, you can answer customer queries and take their feedback by integrating suitable features in your app.
  • You can also use customer feedback to improve your product or services and it would present your company as a brand with good customer service.


Generate Extra Income

  • If you have a decent customer base and/or your business deals in B2B, you can always generate income by doing in-app advertising for relevant business partners or intermediaries.
  • This would promote your business by referrals and you can get monetary benefits by those promotions.
  • You can also charge app users for updates by providing quality upgrades to the app.


Build Customer Loyalty

A truly successful business is one where customers go to buy EVERYTIME.

  • Now there are many ways customer loyalty can be developed especially by an app. You would have to think one up yourself. Remember, customers always say, “Yeh Dil Maange More!!!”
  • For instance, banks like SBI, HDFC, etc. give points to customers whenever they make payments via their banking apps, which allow customers to avail discounts and other rewards.
  • Similarly, fast food chains like Dominoes offer discounts and offers to customers who frequently use their apps to place an order.


Important Points to Consider Are

  • It creates an awareness of your existence and customers recognize your business as a brand.
  • With very few businesses having their independent app, yours will stand out and it would project an esteemed brand image.
  • Customers in a certain location can be targeted and information on their preferences and expectations can be collected
  • Customer experience is improved and you can maintain a healthy customer relationship by adding proper features to the app.
  • Build Customer Loyalty by coming up with ways to make sure the customer uses your app more frequently.

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