IoT Enabled Smart Embedded Systems...

Embedded systems are regular electronic components which together form a bigger system or mechanism. These are  low power consumption units that are used to run specific tasks for example remote controls, washing machines, microwave ovens,  RFID tags , sensors, actuators and thermostats used in various applications, networking hardware such as switches, routers, modems, mobile phones, PDAs, etc

We provide consultation or design systems which connect these embedded systems to an AI-operated IoT structure. By introducing artificial intelligence we enable automatic response to scenarios from these embedded systems. Our smart embedded systems have varied applications across a wide range of verticals. Feel free to browse through some of the examples…

Heating, Ventilation and Air Conditioning (HVAC) systems

Our smart embedded systems are used as networked thermostats in Heating, Ventilation and Air Conditioning (HVAC) systems which are currently in high demand in warehouses, poultry farms, greenhouses, hospitals, etc. These systems have embedded sensors which detect humidity, temperature, air pressure and other variables and automatically controls the air in any given environment.

Home/office Automation

Our home or closed environment automation has embedded systems using wired or wireless networking to automate and control lights, security, audio/visual systems, sense climate change, monitoring, etc. 

farm management

The concept of smart farming is based on use of IoT enabled embedded systems which are used for monitoring and controlling temperature, humidity, watering, ventilation, feeders, etc. in farm environment. Besides regular farming, its other applications include dairy farming, poultry farming, mushroom farming, and so on…

Power generation

We provide technical consultation or design systems which monitor component efficiency, power output, resource wastage, damaged equipment, and so on. We provide for all types of power generation units from thermal power plants to solar farms.

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