What Analytics Does Our IoT Technologies Provide?

Business activities and other ventures rely on huge amounts of data which is analyzed so that you can decide your future course of action. Our Internet of Things based technology comes with cutting-edge software which collects data from connected devices over the IoT network and provides analytics in the form of easy-to-understand reports.

The analytics provided by our IoT based software covers a whole range of subjects like market insights, resource utilization, power consumption, daily activity reports, company interactions, financial insights, data from sensors and so on.

business/market analytics

Typical business analytics based on the information collected by internet-connected consumer devices which track how they prefer to use your product or services. This gives you valuable insight in developing your marketing strategies and provides information for research and development purposes. It also helps in detecting any misuse or fraudulent practices of your product or services which has the potential for analytics to be both business-facing and consumer-facing at the same time.

sensor/device analytics

IoT devices are connected with sensors that monitor and communicate with them via the internet. Our analytics software collects and compiles the data of their interactions and relevant to functions like power consumption, work intervals, maintenance-requirements and so on.

security/ surveillance analytics

Monitoring Sensors like surveillance-cameras, heat detectors, pressure-plates, etc. in the network of IoT connected devices provide valuable security analytics. Our IoT network has their sensor-functions connected to AI-device which controls other devices to take proper actions in time of crisis and informs you on the situation. It has many applications like security systems, threat-detection, emergency-response and so on. 

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