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Marketing Trends in India

Early Days of manufacturers all over India involved the simplest and most basic of marketing approach like:

  • Print marketing- Advertising in newspapers, magazines, newsletters, and other printed materials intended for distribution.
  • Broadcast marketing- Television and radio advertisements.
  • Direct mail marketing- Printed material like postcards, letters, calendars, catalogs, and pamphlets sent through post or local newspapers to attract consumers and maintain customer relationship.
  • Direct marketing- Having a company’s marketing executives to interact with clients directly.
  • CSR marketing- Trade shows, Industry associations, Event sponsorship, Representation in industry organizations.

Needless to say, these strategies are still used to this day by almost everyone in the industry however, now things have changed drastically. India is becoming more and more digital with over 460 million internet users; India is the second largest online market, ranked only behind China. By 2021, there will be about 635.8 million internet users in India. It is obvious that Indian, as well as international companies, have realized the potential of reaching this huge customer base through the internet.

Also, if the statistics are to be trusted, more and more population will be having internet connectivity in coming years which is why most of the well-based manufacturing businesses are continuously pursuing and advancing e-commerce solutions to keep up with the competition. Let’s cut short to chase and look at 8 ways to improve your manufacturing business online.


1. How to Improve Online Presence

The most basic requirement for any business is to make sure that they have their presence or existence known to customers. In this modern era, people are becoming more and more conscious about using online resources to search and find. In the case of B2B manufacturers, their clients are bound to do online research before purchasing. This just shows how important it is to make sure you have something to show people online about yourself.  This is how you can become visible online:


2. Why You Need a Website for Your Business

First and most important thing to consider in growing your business online is to have a website containing company profile, contact details, links to social media accounts (Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, etc.), products and their descriptions. Your website should act as an online office for sales and should respond to every customer who visits.  The web design and content for the site should be able to effectively showcase your company’s three most important attributes-

  1. Credibility– It helps customers see you as a company which is reliable and sincere towards providing customer satisfaction. The site should be easy to navigate and should have contacts for sales and customer care. You can also have an online portal on the site where customers can make an online purchase. Especially in India, the only way to deal with the competition is to build solid credibility.
  2. Brand Image– What customers hear about you or see your logo or talk about you, that is how they commonly identify you is your brand’s image. For a manufacturing business, their products are the face of the company and demonstrate direct relation to its brand image. If possible, you can provide a link to your product catalog. Promotional offers the company is introducing should be posted on site.
  3. Brand Reputation– The market for any manufacturer is directed by a struggle to build and maintain brand reputation. It is a reputation that the name of your company has earned in the market. A good brand reputation can be built by caring for your customers even after the sale is made. Further, it is also important to handle public relations and keep the site updated with the introduction of new products, latest product upgrades, and other such company-related news. Also posting customers’ reviews which act as testimonials to your products gives your brand real trust and reputation.


3. Importance of Online Advertising

You may have a website and social media accounts, but if you think those are enough to deal with the competition you’re so wrong. You see it is like you just had set up your shop and its name board, but you have to advertise and promote yourself;

“Jo dikhta hain wahi bikta hain!”

(If it can be seen, it will be sold!)

Worry not; you can use the power of digital media to do so. Here are ways in which you can promote your manufacturing business digitally.


4. Why Social Media Marketing Is Important For Business

Considered as some of the most powerful tools for connectivity online, social media platforms boast of users from all walks of life and professions.

  • It is a perfect platform to make personal connections with fellow professionals which undoubtedly helps in getting referrals and leads for the business.
  • Especially for Indian businesses, increasing followers on social media sites like LinkedIn, Twitter, etc. by sharing useful informative content to increase traffic to your website.
  • It also helps in improving your position as a business leader who can interact and share knowledge with users. I highly recommend Quora and Pinterest as it is a question-answer platform for all professionals as well as common users which effectively gets you to connect with only those who show interest in your information. A well-managed account on these sites will definitely be effective in getting a useful connection with a highly appropriate customer base.
  • If you can afford paid advertisements on social media then you should definitely consider giving it a chance since various social media like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter have algorithms which show these ads only to intended users who may actually show interest in your business sector based on the browsing history and not to randomly spam them. You can even distinguish the audience based on Gender, Interests, Behaviors, etc
  • Maintaining the social media account by updating information may also help you to appear in a user’s newsfeed.


5. Pay per Click Web Advertising (PPC)

  • PPC is considered to be one of the simplest and effective methods to drive traffic and get optimum web visits for your site.
  • Just the understanding of what keywords your target customer may use and a proper ad to follow, you can get a good response which is worth the cost.
  • A single campaign may not be perfect from the start, create 3-4 campaigns and analyze their responses using online tools and choose the one which is most effective and efficient.


6. Marketing Your Business by Email

E-mail can be considered to be one of the most effective ways to market content and also take follow-ups.

  • It gives a touch of professionalism on the part of your company.
    • Consider an example, your company has participated in an event like trade exhibition and you interacted with a certain number of professionals who showed interest in the company’s products Your field team receives their contact details like mail id or mobile no., you can use those details to-
      • Send notifications and important news about the company.
      • Do follow-ups on developments by email or SMS.
    • Email is a very refined way to get in touch with your existing as well as potential clients.


7. Quality Content Marketing

Creating a relevant and useful content to support your online activities like videos, newsletters, and social media content like informative articles are vital to the heart and soul of growing your business online.

  • The content should well-curated and should have full relevance.
  • It should be inclusive of properly researched keywords.
  • Also, it should be short yet should cover all points.


8. How Can E-Commerce Help a Business Grow

E-commerce is like doing everything you do at a shop, i.e. sell or buy products and pay for them. Except you do all that online.

  • You set up a portal online where a customer may visit and look at your products,
  • then choose and pay for the product he/she wants by any online intermediary pay service and
  • Get the product delivered by the company.

Every single party in the above example, the online portal, the pay service all of them are E-commerce companies. It is the most trending thing in the business world. You can have added advantage over your competition by properly introducing e-commerce in the business.

  • It is convenient, fast, safe and very low- cost.
  • It is easier to manage and analyze.
  • It is an effective way to keep up with the competition.

It is not possible for you to have a personal e-commerce platform, you can also register on E-Commerce Marketplace platforms where you can share space alongside competition and make sales by putting your products with theirs. There are many such e-commerce sites which can act as your sales channels:

  • eBay
  • Flipkart
  • Myntra
  • Snapdeal and many more

Many online e-commerce portals are not just for sales but for making easy, quick and secure money transactions like:

  • PhonePe
  • PayU Payments Pvt. Ltd.
  • One97 Communications Ltd.(Paytm), etc.


Key points to growing business online

  • Make Your PRESENCE Known To People Online By:
    • Setting up and maintaining an independent WEBSITE for your business.
  • Online Advertising To Increase Website Visits:
    • Create and maintain accounts at various SOCIAL MEDIA sites to DRIVE TRAFFIC to your website and FORM CONNECTIONS with professionals. (Quora and Pinterest are highly recommended)
    • Create and run a properly designed PPC (PAY-PER-CLICK) campaign.
    • Use EMAIL SERVICE for contact and do follow-ups of clients.
    • Create and design EFFECTIVE CONTENT for website, social media account and ads.
  • Use E-Commerce To Enhance Customer Satisfaction:
    • Create a personal or register on an E-commerce platform to INTERACT VIRTUALLY with customers and do DIRECT ONLINE SALES.
    • Develop and maintain online SALES CHANNELS.

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