Artificial Intelligence for Research and Analytics

Data analytics and artificial intelligence make it possible to link data to gain insights on customers, market conditions, grow the business, and optimize the speed and quality of logistics. AI technologies are no longer the prerogative of “tech” firms. More and more companies are integrating such tools to navigate the turbulent waters and turn their ship around.

Our AI applications provide valuable research reports and analytics by processing the data from business reports, market statistics, consumer preferences, etc. The applications can then identify and analyze data patterns, to carry out simulations and generate predictive analytics reports based on them. 

Market research

AI-based applications perform market research using predictive modeling and analyze sales data to forecast demand. This data analytics helps market researchers devise an effective inventory management strategy to avoid overstocking and other such issues.

business strategy

AI-based market applications also help organizations in building efficient business strategies involving pricing, resource allocations and so on. AI can identify KVI (key-value items), these items are essential to driving a customer’s perception of an organization’s prices.

social undertakings

We deploy machine learning to our AI applications for them to understand patterns in the data and provide helpful solutions. It helps in social research for non-governmental organizations (NGOs), public sector agencies, and social enterprises by applying artificial intelligence, cloud and deep science to scale social impact.

secondary research

The natural limitation to desk research or secondary research is resource. Artificial intelligence is capable of reading, learning themes and identifying trends much faster than a human, making this a potential application of the technology. The current barrier to adoption of this is sourcing material for the AI to process.

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