Artificial Intelligence (AI) has grown very popular and is becoming the core of our personal lives as well as business. We, at Stalwart Research, build various AI-based systems which can be scaled for business growth as well as solve real-life problems. Industrial manufacturing is a given but its other applications include Internet of Things,  market research and analytics, digital e-commerce, software design and so on.

Our Services

Our expertise in “Artificial Intelligence” has a very wide scope as we are capable for developing AI systems for digital business platforms to manufacturing units as well as to correspond to practical issues in fields of healthcare, banking, logistics, etc. With introduction of IoT systems, Artificial Intelligence based technology gives an extra diension to our services.


Your E-Commerce sites and apps can be managed a lot more productively by inducting our AI-system to handle its operations…



We create customized AI-system for health-centres, professionals as well as for proper management of medical devices…


Upgrade your automation in manufacturing processes with AI to gain superior production ability and minimise resource wastage…

Custom AI

Deploying Artificial Intelligence for a tedious task is a smart choice. We design AI-systems suited to your needs and customization…



We work in creating transaction portals. We develop secure, smart and convenient banking solutions powered by machine-learning AI…

Research and Analysis

We offer AI-systems apt in information-collection and processing. They can be customised as per the utilities…


The applications of Artificial Intelligence are not limited only to the things mentioned above; and neither are our service capabilities. We have confidence in our team’s conceptualization and design capabilities. We have handled many projects and we intend to share our ideas and technology with you the same way we did with many others.

Be updated

It’s only after you upgrade to a better technology that you realize how obsolete the previous one has now become. We make your AI automation as per the latest trends in technology to help you keep up with the competition…

What service are you looking for?

We can create a service plan that meets your requirements. We provide all kinds of services as we have the capability to manage end-to-end e-commerce for all kinds of businesses. Let us know what we can do to make your business a success.

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